Zorana Sadiq - soprano   Acclaim


"... the performance featured wonderful work from Zorana Sadiq and Michael Barrett as the two young lovers, with Giles Tomkins & Marion Newman as her parents. Gregory Oh did a remarkable job of conducting the live singers, working from a series of recordings of the orchestra parts (synthesized) & chorus. Considering that they assembled this in a week, it’s a stunning achievement. ... Maybe the score isn’t that daunting and the singers did well, or maybe the score is tough and the singers were heroic; either way they sounded wonderful."
      barczablog, Leslie Barcza September 2013

"... in this afternoon of role-playing, soprano Zorana Sadiq definitely earned the musical Oscar. Sadiq’s clear, well-supported voice was by turns vibrant, plain, speech-like, muffled, edgy, wan, and aggressive. She soared over a robust tutti in one song and slid into the texture, pianissimo, in another. Her inflections curled around a phrase, a word, a syllable. She hit disjunct, syncopated, staccato notes with accuracy and assurance. It was quite a thing to witness, and it served Currier’s diverse characters well."
      Boston Classical Review, David Wright March 2013

"Soprano Zorana Sadiq presented the pieces with just a slight hint of theatricality – a knowing glance, a supple gesture, enough to let us know she was in on the joke without drawing focus from the music."
      The Boston Musical Intelligencer, Brian Schuth March 2013

"Zorana Sadiq brought a tremendous range of color and expression to Currier’s vocal writing. This is a piece that—especially in live performance—benefits from a singer who can act, and Sadiq really inhabited these divergent roles, singing, chanting, nailing difficult leaps and awkward syncopations with what sounded like ease."
      The Arts Fuse, Jonathan Blumhofer March 2013

"Zorana Sadiq's.... glowing voice and enthusiastic versatility were in fine counterpoint to the group's exuberant richness. It was the evening's most satisfying performance, both composer and ensemble happy with their hands stylistically full."
      Boston Globe, Matthew Guerrieri May 2008

"A lovely and lively young soprano ... Sadiq's vivacity and her secure musicality, combined with a strong communicative instinct, saw her through."

"[Sadiq] allowed the songs to radiate from within ... convey[ing] all the spacious, quiet rapture of verse and music with serene assurance."

"Sadiq … summoned up, from somewhere in her slender frame, a chest voice which she used with pungent abandon … It brought the house down."
      The Globe and Mail, Ken Winters February 2008

"Sadiq's voice soared in and out of the rich texture of melodies and harmonies as Strauss moved from bright moods to dark..."
      The Examiner, Timothy McGee November 2006

"Newnham's excited for a couple of reasons: first, he's eager to have the PSO perform with Sadiq- an up and coming star on the Canadian classical stage." ... "I was blown away by the warmth of her voice and her capacity of expression," said the conductor (Michael Newnham), noting the combination is a perfect match for Strauss."
      The Examiner, Rob Mills October 2006

"Sweet are the Thoughts, op. 17 is a short and exquisitely beautiful song cycle by Andrew Ager. Soprano Zorana Sadiq and pianist Kathryn Tremills rendered it with great sensitivity. It was the highlight of the program."
      Ottawa Citizen, Richard Todd August 2005

"What Schafer is really striving for is best exemplified in the last scene ... In this fine moment - where the stars above crown the Earth Mother (Eleanor James) and we can hear Ariane's (Zorana Sadiq) distant soprano voice rising to the heavens - we encounter beauty, and the moral of the fairytale about the interconnectness of everything is accomplished in an instant."
      Haliburton County Echo, Lance Crossley August 2005

"Zorana Sadiq, in the role of Figaro's betrothed, sang the role of Susanna with sympathy and insouciant wit."
      Calgary Citizen, August 2005

"The Wedding Singer, sung with riveting purity by Zorana Sadiq."
      Georgia Straight, Colin Thompson May 2003

"Only the three-woman Voice, singing from the back of the theater and serving something of the function of a Greek chorus, offers contrasting relief: perhaps only because of location, they break the static spell which the music, by design or not, seems intent upon creating."
      Andante Magazine, Wes Blomster April 2003

"The visiting young artist ... Zorana Sadiq, who holds a master's degree in music from U of T and is building an impressive career, having recently appeared alongside American diva Dawn Upshaw with the Los Angeles Philharmonic."
      Toronto Life, Rick MacMillan April 2005

"...versatile soprano Zorana Sadiq (possibly the only Pakistani-Canadian opera singer of note)..."
      National Post, April 2005